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ENERGY weekend price info

WELCOME TO ENERGY Weekend price.
We are glad that you have joined us.
This event is held every weekend.
Designers participating in the event place 1 to 5 product in their store at a price of 50L, 50% Fatpack, Gacha 25L $, GIFTs
This special item will be something from a discount store, an exclusive item or a special edition item. The event <ENERGY Weekend price> starts on Friday 01:00 pm slt and ends on Sunday 11:59 pm slt.

There are 3 easy ways to get the current # ENERGY # list:


1.  Join the group # ENERGY # Weekend price. in the world. To do this, copy and paste this link into an open chat in SL and join the group:
secondlife: /// app / group / 9ae79ef3-7bec-fa81-fa58-2f991a6a0a7f / about

2.  Check out #ENERGY# List of products.

3.  Take Notcard in the BUYERS ROOM in the world.  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Asylum%20Peninsula/139/213/4056 

If you have questions or comments write TaboraSmith.

Enjoy your shopping and tell all your friends to join too!

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